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TNL loves music, and we love to share the music we love! That's a lot of love. On this page, you can find our ever-growing list of hand-curated playlists on various platforms. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-13 at 11.36.13

Here's a playlist to celebrate the release of our latest track, '57 Chevy! The best car/driving themed rock songs ever recorded, according to Jon Ryan. Enjoy on your commute or your next road trip! 

Say It Out Loud.jpg

Need a rock song that makes you feel something? Helps you cry, laugh, sing, hurt, lash out, accept, stand up for yourself, grieve, love, forgive? This is the playlist for you. Some uptempo, some midtempo; some guitar-driven, others vocally driven; all curated for an emotional impact.

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